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Growth Strategy

We believe interweaving True financial planning and True wealth management can be a powerful combination for clients. This compelling proposition is fueling our multifaceted growth strategy that includes acquisitions, joint ventures and organic growth.


Many of the principals we have worked with via our consultancy services (and a lot of other ‘good guys’ in the industry) are approaching their own retirement and are worried about who will keep their promises to their clients and staff when they no longer can. We are proud that many of them turn to True Wealth for a conversation.

Since launch, the True Wealth Group has been funded by its founders and private investors and remains in control of its own destiny. It has no corporate or institutional shareholders with vested interests to influence how we structure client propositions or how we treat acquired firms. We think this reduces the potential for conflict of interest and helps ensure that a client’s best interests are put first and that advisers remain truly impartial and independent.

We will continue to acquire great businesses at the rate our capital position allows. If you can get behind our Vision, Mission and Purpose and want to sell to a party without any hidden agendas that is truly client centric, drop us a line.

Joint Ventures

A significant part of our growth is fuelled by the high-quality leads generated from our joint venture relationships. We have a proven track record of establishing successful joint venture and introducer relationships such as the Law Society (NI) Financial Advice, TAG Financial Planning and Cutter & Co Financial Planning. This enables us to build income and value for our JV partners and puts us in an enviable position so as to be able to provide a ready supply of qualified, ‘warm’ leads to financial planners.

We are proud that hundreds of professionals across the UK have chosen us to be their introducer partner either directly or via joint ventures and that they trust us to provide financial planning services when their own name is above the door. If you have a business with affluent/high net worth clients and would like to know how we can help you and your clients, please get in touch.

Organic Growth and Recruitment

One of our 2030 goals is to be the employer of choice in our sector and we anticipate that many planners and technical staff will be internally ‘home grown’ via the True Wealth Academy. The firms we acquire will also bring with them great staff whose careers we are keen to develop and align with our culture and values. Last, but by no means least, is our desire to attract the profession's top talent as our reputation and awareness of our project grows.